[Pythonmac-SIG] OT: MacOS X Server

savageb savageb@pacbell.net
Tue, 16 Mar 1999 23:57:20 -0800

Hi all. This is kindof off topic I s'pose, but I thought I would let people

MacOS X Server was released today, the price was dropped by 400 dollars from
the announced price ($499 regular, $249 academic). Also "Darwin" was
announced which is Apple's foray into Open Source-ing the MacOS.

here is a newstory about the open source stuff:


but the best place to go for information seems to be the Apple site itself:


This is really exciting because I think MacOS X and MOSX Server will be
great platforms for Python development. The current release of MOSX S does
not include Carbon, so MacPython will only run inside the Blue-Box, but
there should also be a version that runs on the 'mostly POSIX' side as well.

There is also a very interesting sounding free tool available from TipTop


which claims to allow you to mix-n-match Tcl, Perl, Python, Objective C, and
more. Python will be usable to write both 'yellow' and 'carbon' apps.

I expect there to be a certain amount of confusion at first, but this sounds
like a very interesting period in Mac/Python history is about to begin.

Sorry for the interruption, go back to what you were doing...