[Pythonmac-SIG] [Fwd: [ANN] Pepper, a new text editor for MacOS]

Just van Rossum just@letterror.com
Fri, 11 Aug 2000 09:10:56 +0100

I found this message on comp.sys.mac.programmer.tools; it claims to
support Python syntax styling. Anyone care to check it out? It sounds
pretty cool.


"M.L. Hekkelman" wrote:
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> Hekkelman Programmatuur b.v. has released Pepper, a new and powerful
> text editor for MacOS. Pepper is an editor targeted at programmers,
> script coders and HTML writers, but since it is such a powerful and yet=

> easy to use tool you can use it for any task that involves working with=

> plain text.
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> Among the unique features offered by Pepper are:
> =

> =80=A0intelligent and extendable language support through addons with s=
> styling as opposed to mere syntax coloring. Currently supported
> languages are: HTML (with JavaScript and PHP embedded), C/C++, Pascal,
> Oberon-2, Perl, Python, Rez, Shell, TeX
> =80 identifier completion
> =80=A0incremental search
> =80 ToolServer integration with stderr parsing
> =80=A0extensions and script extensions (apply a perl script to a select=
> e.g.)
> =80=A0fully configurable keybindings
> =80 rectangular selections
> =

> And of course Pepper offers all the features available in other major
> commercial text editors currently known on MacOS.
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> Pepper is a descendant of the popular Pe for BeOS, an editor that has
> been used extensively by many, not only to write code but also novels
> and other books (Neal Stephenson and Scot Hacker e.g.). Pepper is more
> than a port, it offers many new features and interface enhancements whe=
> compared to its predecessor.
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> System requirements for Pepper are a PowerMac running MacOS 8.6.
> =

> Pepper is sold as shareware, single license fee is USD 45, site license=

> is USD 400 and upgrades from Pe for BeOS are available at USD 25.
> =

> To download pepper go to http://www.hekkelman.com/
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> Hekkelman Programmatuur b.v. is a privately held company founded in 199=
> by Maarten Hekkelman and specializing in writing software for MacOS and=

> BeOS. Other products developed by Hekkelman Programmatuur b.v. are
> Sum-It, a spreadsheet for both MacOS and BeOS, Pe for BeOS and bdb, the=

> source level debugger bundled with BeOS.
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> -maarten
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> --
> http://www.hekkelman.com/