[Pythonmac-SIG] Build Application problems

Jack Jansen jack@oratrix.nl
Wed, 26 Jul 2000 11:00:31 +0200

> I'm back again, still with a BuildApplication problem.
> When I use BuildApplication to build an application that used tkinter
> and ftplib, it works fine, but it brings up an output window when It
> getes to the ftp routine. I did a test, and it seems to be related to
> opening files, but I'm not totally surea about that. 
> When I drop the script on the interpreter, it works just fine, and there
> is no output window, only when I use BuildApplication. Yes, I have used
> EditPythonPrefs to set the preferences so a window should not open. 

Very strange....

> I sent the script to someone else (Russell Owen, thanks for your help
> Russell), and he could Build an Application with the script and have it
> run fine.

This makes it even stranger... Maybe you should reinstall your Python?

> He sent me the application he built, and I can't run it on my
> machine. I get the error:
> "Python preferences file appears corrupt: Python home folder incorrect.
> Please 
> remove it and restart python"

Ah, this is a known problem. Open the application (the one built by 
BuildApplication) and remove the "alis" resource in there. It shouldn't have 
been there in the first place, but it gets inserted occasionally. I'll try to 
do something about the error message.

> What is the deal here? I am getting very frustrated. I tried 1.6a2, but
> ftplib appears to broken there, so that won't do it.

Uhm, what was broken in 1.6a2 ftplib again?

> Note to Jack: If you are now focusing your efforts on 1.6, perhaps I
> should try to figure out what is wrong with ftplib in 1.6, rather than
> trying to figure out what is wrong with the 1.5 BuildApplication.

I'll try and find the time to give it a go, but no promises.

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