[Pythonmac-SIG] Re: Python on Mac OS X w/shared modules

Tony Lownds tony@metanet.com
Tue, 03 Oct 2000 11:46:05 -0700

At 11:18 PM 10/2/2000 +0200, you wrote:
> > Quite right - the best option may be to allow for --with-next-framework
> > (the configure option) w/o WITH_NEXT_FRAMEWORK (the #define).
>Guido favours killing the entire --with-next-framework code - NeXT
>would officially not be supported anymore. If this is reworked, I'd
>prefer if configure would automatically detect that it is running on
>MacOS, and arrange compilation procedure as required.

I don't think killing the code is good. I think it just needs someone with 
more Next/Mac OS X knowledge to make it really useful code.

Automatic detection would be great! But I'm not sure exactly where to add 
it. So far, I've made a patch that

a) fixes the platform recognition code in configure (and configure.in) to 
recognize Mac OS X as "darwin/1.2"

b) made it so that just specifying --with-dyld= will make working shared 
modules (basically, adds "-undefined suppress" to ld step)

c) fixes Makefile.in and regen so that Lib/plat-generic/regen works with 
the --with-suffix= option
Basically if you do make install and there is no Lib/plat-darwin1.2, that 
directly is made using the Lib/plat-generic/regen script. But, this script 
invokes python as "python" not "python$EXE"

These changes to configure are pretty straightforward because they just 
modify existing steps of the configure process. Its at 
http://tony.lownds.com/macosx/ page.

>In any case, with the 2.0 final release so short ahead, it seems
>unlikely that MacOS X will be fully supported (including shared
>modules) - unless somebody comes up with a patch really quick.

Mac OS X is in beta anyway...

How do you think the FCNTL.py / fcntlmodule.so problem can be solved?