[Pythonmac-SIG] Some Questions...

Jacob Kaplan-Moss jacobkm@cats.ucsc.edu
Tue, 03 Oct 2000 16:09:47 -0700

Hello PythonMac-Sig!

I've been using MacPython for about a year now, and I've run into 
some questions:

1)  Are there other people out there doing serial port communication? 
If so, what are you using?  I'm currently using the ctb module, which 
I suppose works, but doesn't provide everything I want to do.

2)  I know that Jack mentioned a while ago that he had used the Qt 
module to grab frames from a movie file.  I want to do something a 
little different: grab frames (or posibly movies) from a video 
digitizer.  I have the code from the QuickTime SDK to do this in C, 
but I wonder if it can be done in Python with the Qt module.  If so, 
has anyone done this?

3)  Also, has anyone used QuickTime's MIDI interface?  Is this 
exported through the Qt module?  (I guess what I'm really asking for 
is some documentation for the Qt module.  I've read the postings 
about the new MacPython documentation effort, but it's been quiet on 
that front for a while now...)

4)  Does anyone have or know of any examples of applications using 
the FrameWork and W modules (besides the IDE)?  I've decided to use 
FrameWork/W instead of Tkinter (because of the extreme instability of 
Tkinter); but I'm having a hard time getting started.

Thanks in advance!

Jacob Kaplan-Moss