[Pythonmac-SIG] Re: Python on Mac OS X w/shared modules

Steven D. Majewski sdm7g@virginia.edu
Thu, 5 Oct 2000 12:20:58 -0400 (EDT)

Nice work, Tony!

Re: dylib

Using you patches I was able to build shared library support.

I added the -lcc_dynamic to the libtool command in the main Makefile.

"-undefined ignore"  gave errors on building.
Looking at the compiler docs, it's supposed to be either 
"warning" or "suppress" , not "ignore" . I used "warning" 
as I wanted to see what was giving the errors, just in case. 
Probably ought to be "suppress" in the final when everything works. 
This also needed to be changed in the Modules/Makefile. ( or better
yet, in Makefile.pre -- it got clobbered in the Makefile when I 
did a 'make clean' to test if I could really do it all from scratch! )

Re: FCNTL/fcntl

 I think I misunderstood the exact problem the first time around. 
It seemed it normally does distinguish the two files in the non-shared 
lib version. Import always checks the builtin-module list first, so
it only goes to the filesystem for FCNTL. 
 I moved the fcntlmodule line in Modules/Setup above the '*shared*'
marker, and it seems to manage to import both, as long as I got rid
of the fcntlmodule.so from the previous build. ( Is this what you
were saying all along ? If it is, it wasn't clear until I actually
tried poking it myself. ) 

 There is still an invalid argument error generated by fcntl_test --
I'll see if I can find the cause of this. 

Re: Install

  This the the remaining problem -- the install is still seriously 
broken. ( NO solution from me yet -- I started tring to figure out
where and how it all gets set, but I haven't figured it out yet. 
I'll reread your old messages now that I have a bit more context
to understand what you're talking about. ) 

Re: Other Modules

  I don't recall if Jack ever ran a Carbon dater over the sources. 
  I unpacked the Mac Python sources into another directory. After
  I get the line endings converted ( it looks like OSX has a dual
  line ending convention, depending on which tools (or maybe libraries) 
  you're using! The unix compilers and tools don't like the mac 
  CR-ending lines, but TextEdit and some other tools can handle both. ) 
  I'm going to see what it takes to compile and load a couple of the
  Mac specific modules as shared libs. 

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