[Pythonmac-SIG] Python on on a second drive

JoanCarles p Casasín joanca@typerware.com
Fri, 13 Oct 2000 17:26:26 +0200

At 13/10/00 16:07 Jack Jansen wrote:

>> I've been working with Python (though not hardly) in a second drive for 
>> quite time and never happened something like that. The only strange thin=
>> that happened and happens is that  with my last machine (G4, with MacOS 
>> 9.0.4) I've to launch 'Configure Python' each session I want to work wit=
>> an app with Python embedded. Otherwise it can't find "PythonCore". This 
>> was reported by me (and some other guy) to the list, but we could never 
>> have other solution than having 'Configure Python' as a StartUp Item...
>Ah... Now we're getting somewhere! At least: we're getting somewhere with 
>problem. My guess is that because the PythonCore alias points to another 
>and that disk is not mounted yet when MacOS starts looking for INITs in th=
>Extension folder it will somehow break the alias (probably while trying to=
>resolve it).

I made a rough arrangement but worked. I've copied the PythonCore 
extension to my startup disk (from the second drive with all the Python 
stuff). Made an alias from it, renamed to "PythonCore 1.5.2c1", put it in 
the extensions folder and now (after, of course, restart) the application 
with Python embedded launches with no problems. Great!

-> jc, tw®