[Pythonmac-SIG] 2.0 final works for me

Russell E Owen owen@astro.washington.edu
Mon, 23 Oct 2000 09:46:04 -0700

The Mac 2.0 final installation went flawlessly on my machine and 
everything I have tried works great. Tkinter works right out of the 
box (yaay!). I have not tried NumPy.

The automatic testing matched your predictions. The summary:
77 tests OK.
3 tests failed: test_longexp test_sha test_zlib
27 tests skipped: test_al test_bsddb test_cd test_cl test_crypt 
test_dbm test_dl test_fcntl test_fork1 test_gc test_gl test_grp 
test_imgfile test_largefile test_linuxaudiodev test_mmap test_nis 
test_openpty test_poll test_popen2 test_pty test_pwd test_signal 
test_sunaudiodev test_timing test_winreg test_winsound

Also, in 2.0 final I can again put aliases to folders of Python code 
in with Python and the code is found. (This didn't seem to work with 
one of the pre-releases, though perhaps I was doing something wrong). 
That's great.

Thank you very much for all your hard work on 2.0.

-- Russell

>Folks, the 2.0 final installer is available in
>ftp://ftp.cwi.nl/pub/jack/python/mac , please try it. I'll wait
>announcing it until I've had a couple of reports that it looks good.
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