[Pythonmac-SIG] Python, Jython, Cocoa and Charleroi

Dinu Gherman gherman@darwin.in-berlin.de
Mon, 17 Jun 2002 09:46:53 +0200

Jack Jansen wrote:
> What's the convention used by Apple's Java<->ObjC bridge? I don't 
> like all the underscores either, and if Apple decided not to do 
> any underscores I think pyobjc should follow suit. It could always 
> have a compile-time option to give the old _ names, for backward 
> compatibility.

I'm not sure there is a formal convention. Obj-C signatures 
are "richer" in a sense that you can say:

 [obj doItWithFoo:arg1 andBar:arg2 andQuit];

which in Java would probably become:

 obj.doItWithFooAndBarAndQuit(arg1, arg2);

The Java Cocoa-API tries hard to come as close as possible
to the "original meaning" of Obj-C signatures, but in some
cases this might be difficult to achieve.

> Well, as mentioned here before there's now three of us happily 
> hacking at it. Unfortunately the folks over at the pyobjc mailing 
> list are in deep slumber: two of my mails are still waiting in 
> their mail queue (and have been for almost 2 weeks now) and a 
> message directly to Steven Majevski has also remained unanswered, 
> so I think he's off on holidays or otherwise occupied.

Yes, I meant the pyobjc mailing list which looked, uhm, coma-
tose. If you have something to play with I might want to give
it a try, perhaps.

> Do you have an example of a Jython program with a NIB? That's what 
> we're currently working on for pyobjc, and we're getting some posi-
> tive results (we have a Python applet with a .nib and it fills an 
> on-screen table with data from a Python table source object (just 
> before crashing hard:-)), but it would be nice to see how things 
> are done in Jython.

Well I have some trivial code, but it doesn't work! ;-) Most
likely, that's because of some problem in establishing a re-
cognized owner relationship and providing the callable methods
in the owner (omitted in the next snippet):

  result = NSApplication.loadNibNamed("AlertPanel", owner)

OTOH, some other trivial code *does* work (well, "most of the 
time", as there seem to be some Jython issues left to meditate 
over as well...). See below.



# watchLuxoJr.py

import sys

from java.net import URL

from com.apple.cocoa.foundation import *
from com.apple.cocoa.application import *
from com.apple.cocoa.application.NSWindow \
    import TitledWindowMask, ClosableWindowMask, Buffered

class Cinema:

    def fetch(self, url):
        self.movie = NSMovie(URL(url), 0)

    def show(self, format):
        width, height = format
        winRect = NSRect(100, 200, width, height)

        myView = NSMovieView()

        myStyle = TitledWindowMask | ClosableWindowMask 
        myWindow = NSWindow(winRect, myStyle, Buffered, 0)


def main():
    url =
    format = (180, 116)

    c = Cinema()

myPool = NSAutoreleasePool.push()
app = NSApplication.sharedApplication()