[Pythonmac-SIG] error trying to run c extension from carbon P ython

Magladry, Stephen stephenm@humongous.com
Fri, 21 Jun 2002 10:21:09 -0700

Alright, with the information shared with me, found below, the standalone
version is not the way to good. It will not jive well with what the code
base on the PC side of project is doing. It looks like I'll set up an
embedded python with a stub for our initialization. Our PC guys are using
http://www.mcmillan-inc.com/install1.html. It packages up all the pyc files
and redirects import calls to use this pre-packaged library and is totally
free of any other version of Python that may exist on the machine. It looks
like macfreeze will at least get me started. Anyone who wants to share their
experiences with something think this, their input would be appreciated. 

I'll start exploring macfreeze and embedding Python.

Thanks again for getting me going in the right direction.

Stephen Magladry 

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Ok, now I see what you're doing. It is possible to build applications 
this way (the
Mac version fo our GRiNS product is done like this), but there are some 

One important one is that you cannot load dynamic modules into a static