[Pythonmac-SIG] porting PyOpenGL to Mac OS X

Andrew Straw andrew.straw@adelaide.edu.au
Sat, 22 Jun 2002 12:47:08 +0930

Hi everyone,

I am writing to inquire about the current state of PyOpenGL on Mac OS X. 
(I am cross-posting this email to both the PyOpenGL devel list and the 
Python Mac SIG list.)

I have been "frozen" on Bob Ippolito's mega-build of Python with 
PyOpenGL (along with just about everything else) because I need PyOpenGL 
on Mac OS X, and I have been unable to get it to compile on Mac OS X 

I am willing to put in some effort to bring the CVS version up to 
scratch, but I don't want to duplicate effort that others have put in.

Has anyone successfully compiled PyOpenGL for Mac OS X since Bob did it 
in January?  If so, I'd love to get a copy of your sources, a diff file, 
advice, or whatever other help you can offer. I hope some of the recent 
Python changes (especially the Mac specific ones -- thanks Jack and 
everyone else!) may make the process smoother, but PyOpenGL is notorious 
for difficult builds, and I'm certainly no Mac expert.  (Cocoa, two 
level namespaces, and all the rest are way out of my realm of 

Andrew Straw
Ph.D. student -- Department of Physiology, University of Adelaide, 
Developer -- The Vision Egg -- http://www.visionegg.org/