[Pythonmac-SIG] BBEdit questions

Mark Day mday@mac.com
Tue, 30 Apr 2002 16:44:39 -0700

On Tuesday, April 30, 2002, at 03:35  PM, Kevin Altis wrote:

> syntax coloring is on.
> I would like to change the default colors being used for syntax 
> coloring but can't find the dialog. Does that have to be changed 
> manually in a file on disk and if so where?

Use the Preferences menu item and pick "Text Colors" from the scrolling 
list.  You'll see a list of colorized things and their colors; just 
click on the color to bring up the color picker.

> Auto-indent seems pretty dumb, I have to tab after typing a colon and 
> Return so it apparently doesn't understand blocks. If there is a 
> setting for this, I would like to change the behavior.

Auto-indent isn't syntax aware.  It just means that when you press 
Return, the new line starts out indented the same as the line you were 
previously on (so you don't have to keep tabbing when typing in a block 
that's all the same indentation level).

> In the Text Options dialog I have it set to auto-indent, auto-expand 
> tabs (4 spaces)

> Worse, it doesn't know that the tabs expanded to four spaces, so when 
> you have to backspace, so you have to backspace once for each space. 
> That is sort of annoying, any workarounds besides always using tabs 
> instead of spaces?

I'd suggest just setting tabs to be 4 spaces wide and just always use 
tabs.  You can do that with Preferences: Fonts for a global setting, or 
use the "Font & Tabs" menu item for per-file settings.  Python will 
assume 8 spaces per tab, but if you only use tabs, there shouldn't be 
any confusion.  The downside is that error messages printed out in 
Terminal, etc., will assume 8 spaces per tab, so using tabs to align 
things other than the start of line may not look the same as they would 
in BBEdit.