[Pythonmac-SIG] Re: [wxPython-mac] editing Python scripts on OS X

Manoj Plakal terabaap@yumpee.org
Wed, 01 May 2002 04:24:08 -0500

Kevin Altis wrote:
> Editor recommendations on OS X are welcome.
> The list at http://www.python.org/editors/ contains quite a few Unix &
> Multiplatform Text Editors. What I want is a GUI editor that is
> Python-aware, so it understands whitespace in Python scripts, can insert
> four spaces instead of tabs, manage indent/dedent of code blocks and
> preferably has syntax coloring and can run tabnanny, and jump to the line in
> the source with a syntax error. It needs to be able to at least read and
> save files with Unix (LF) line endings, but it would be best if it can deal
> with Windows (CR/LF) and Mac (CR). I don't particularly care about more than
> basic key bindings like Cut/Copy/Paste and arrow keys, I'm mostly a mouser.

        If you don't mind running an X server, you can
        use Wing IDE (wingide.com). There is a beta version
        that runs on OS X (on top of Gtk and X Windows).
        A little buggy and sluggish (mainly due to Gtk/X)
        but it has a good editor, excellent debugger and
        nice project/class browser. (BTW, it is a Python IDE)

        Also, Komodo is Mozilla-based, so there are hopes
        of it running on OS X too ...