[Pythonmac-SIG] Re: BBEdit questions (Russell E Owen)

Martina Oefelein Martina@Oefelein.de
Fri, 3 May 2002 08:47:15 +0200

Hello John,

I own and like BBEdit, but here I disagree with your opinions.

At 11:59 Uhr -0700 02.05.2002, Russell E Owen wrote:
> > - The range checkboxes in the find/replace dialog box. Some have to
>> be unchecked before others can be checked. Hence I can't just leave
>> "wrap" checked all the time and check "in selection" when I need
>> it. (Pepper does this right. I am really confused why the BB
>> haven't fixed this.) I should try to write a script to put it in
>> the desired state.
>For one thing, wrap-around has serious performance side-effects.

How comes that? Even the simplest and most straightforward implementation of wrap-around I can think of (search from start position to end, then search from top to start) has absolutely no noticeable performance effect.

>Start at Top is a much better option in most cases

 After searching/replacing through the entire document, I usually want to be back at the starting position, hence I prefer wrap-around.

Actually, "Start at Top" is redundant. If I want to start at top, I can always go to the top first.

>It makes no logical sense for both Wrap Around and Only Search
>Selection to be turned on; you can't wrap around the selected text.

For many people it makes sense.
And even if you disagree, this doesn't mean that forcing users to turn off the wrap around check box in order to choose "selection only" is a good idea. That's really inconvenient. One should be able to check "selection only" for one search operation and to uncheck it afterwards without effect on any other option.