[Pythonmac-SIG] Re: BBEdit questions (Russell E Owen)

Lee Joramo lee.list@joramo.com
Fri, 03 May 2002 06:33:13 -0600

BBEdit does menu support command replacement via applescript. Several years
ago I was having problems with BBEdits FTP support for a certain server. I
was able to effectively replace BBEdit's built in FTP with Anarchy by
attaching a script to File->Open from FTP....

I have not used this feature since moving to OS X over a year ago, but it i=
still listed in the online documentation.
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On 5/2/02 7:09 PM, "Ryan Wilcox" <ryanwilcox@mac.com> wrote:

> Now, this is interesting. Mailsmith 1.5 (Bare Bone's EXCELLENT mail progr=
> allows you to attach Applescripts to menu commands. If you place a
> script named "File=80New" in the 'Menu Scripts' folder, that script will
> get ran when you select File->New.
> However, I don't see this 'Menu Scripts' folder for BBEdit 6.5.1.