[Pythonmac-SIG] Which Python for my New mac?

Israel Evans israel@lith.com
Mon, 20 May 2002 14:55:24 -0700

Hey there people!

I'm going to be buying a new TiBook very shortly and will be coming over to
the Apple Camp, at least when I'm at home.  I've been reading about python
on the mac and I'm a little confused on which version I should try.

I mostly use Python on Windows and Linux (a little), doing stuff like web
development with WebKit and otherwise just playing around with this fun
language.  I'm an artist by avocation and have just been getting into
programming this past year.  From what I understand, there is the Macho
python which lives in command line land and isn't too friendly with gui
stuff unless you are willing to set up an x server.  There is also supposed
to be the MacPython by Jack that comes with all sorts of mac specific os
extensions and stuff.

Which Python should I look into using and why is one better?  I've heard
that the path for macpython is one that ends in the unification of the unix
and macpythons with no loss of functionality.  How far along is that?  Will
I miss anything by using the macpython?  I wouldn't think so by the great
stuff I've heard about Jack and Co's work, but hey I'm kind of new and