[Pythonmac-SIG] PythonCard codeEditor on OS X

Kevin Altis altis@semi-retired.com
Tue, 28 May 2002 20:31:06 -0700

Some of you have probably already seen that I updated PythonCard (in cvs)
today for some of the recent changes in the wxPython Mac preview. I'm
forwarding the message below since I brought up the issue of a free or
low-cost Python editor to use on the Mac previously. After that exchange and
a week of not being thrilled with the Python support in BBEdit, I ended up
writing an editor for PythonCard. We were eventually going to write an
editor and since the first version only took me about 15 minutes, it seemed
like a good weekend project. The wiki page about the editor is at:


This isn't a replacement for BBEdit, but a number of PythonCard users and
developers are using it (it is good to eat your own dog food ;-) Since it
has a shell, is extensible via Scriptlets, can do syntax checks, syntax
coloring, auto-indents correctly, etc. it is actually better than some other
editors not tuned to Python. Plus it is free with full source (in Python)
and will be improved and integrated with other parts of PythonCard this
summer. I've been on vacation most of this month, but in the next week or so
I will be tweaking the editor for any Mac OS X specific issues that crop up.

Feedback, bug reports, abuse, whatever, should be directed to me directly or
the PythonCard mailing list.



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wxSTC is working on Mac OS X, so I've updated PythonCard in cvs, so that the
Shell, Message Watcher, codeEditor, and samples that use the Shell (turtle,
radioclient) can be used on Mac OS X. The big change was simply disabling
the style additions (STCStyleEditor.py) and using the default styles. This
seems to work pretty well. There are still display problems such as the text
being cut off on the right edge of the line, which is probably a bad text
extent calculation not taking into account anti-aliasing. There are also
problems with some key bindings, but the shell and codeEditor both appear to
be usable. I only did minimal testing, so feel free to identify other

The latest MachoPython and wxPython Mac builds are at:

I tested using MachoPython-2.2.1-3.dmg and wxMacPython-2002-05-17.dmg

The stockprice and SourceForgeTracker samples work now that the XML parsers
are included in the MachoPython build.

STCStyleEditor.py support will be added back in for WXMAC once Riaan, Robin,
Neil (somebody) updates the code to support WXMAC.

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