[Pythonmac-SIG] where does the documentation go?

Russell E Owen owen at astro.washington.edu
Wed Aug 6 16:21:36 EDT 2003

At 11:55 PM +0200 8/6/03, Jack Jansen wrote:
>On woensdag, 6 augustus 2003, at 19:59PM, Russell E. Owen wrote:
>>I'm using MacPython 2.3 on OS X and have the documentation installed via
>>the package manager. However, I'd like to link to it from my normal web
>>browser and I've had no luck tracking down the html files...
>They are in 
>The reason for this is that when I initially put them in the 
>framework Apple Help Viewer refused to recognize them, it seems it 
>really is only interested in .app bundles.
>And, to answer Israel's message too: standard web browsers can 
>handle them just fine...

Thank you very much. It never occurred to me to look inside the 
Python bundle itself.

Would it be practical to install an alias in /Applications/MacPython 
(or rather in "the folder containing the running package manager") so 
it'd be easier to find? If so, I suggest a Documentation folder that 
contained two aliases: MacPython Help.html and Python Help.html 
(aliases to the appropriate index.html files). This saves a lot of 
clutter over supplying aliases to the folders full of html files, and 
one can still trivially get to those folders by resolving the aliases.

If that sounds too messy, perhaps just a brief note in the ReadMe 
and/or the Package Manager's description of the Python docs as to 
where the html files for MacPython can be found would do.

Anyway, thank you very much. I now have links to the docs in my 
browser (iCab) and am a happy camper.

More generally, MacPython 2.3 is great and Package Manager is a truly 
wonderful addition.

-- Russell

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