[Pythonmac-SIG] xchat2 problems

Bob W kranki2 at earthlink.net
Wed Dec 3 15:11:54 EST 2003

First off, I am very new to developing/debugging under OSX and Python.  
So, I apologize for my ignorance upfront.

xchat2 has been ported to MacOSX  via Darwinports.  They disabled 
Python support because they could not get their plugin to compile and 
link.  I have gotten it to compile and link using "-framework System 
-framework Python -framework CoreServices -framework Foundation" under 
OSX 10.3.  However, it does not run, yet.  (I am thinking that there 
might be another module that isn't compiled to call python.so, but I am 
not sure.)  Anyway, has anyone else compiled a program which embeds 
Python in 10.3  and does it look like I am approaching it correctly?

Also, in OSX 10.2, should xchat2 use the builtin Python2.2 or should 
the Fink one be required?  I would appreciate opinions on this.

BTW, X-Chat Aqua is in the same situation kinda since it references 
Fink's Python2.2 when it is run in 10.3 and should really be 
referencing the Python Framework.  I am hoping to correct this as well, 
but am finding converting the program to use Xcode a big deal for me.  
Both have a flawed test for python setup in the configure.in file which 
needs to be updated to use the Framework, I believe.  (X-Chat Aqua uses 
xchat2 internally, but puts an Aqua face on it.)

Last, thanks for any pointers that you might have.  I am also joining 
the xchat discussions to find out where the configure.in file came from 
and who has responsibility for it.  Again, thanks for any help that you 

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