[Pythonmac-SIG] building extensions for 2.3 (darwin build), and UUID generation

Paul Miller paul at fxtech.com
Wed Dec 31 11:51:21 EST 2003

Two questions here, as I have just started working with 2.3 on OS X.

The "old way" (ie. with CFM MacPython) to make extension modules was to 
build a shared library, but I don't see a shared library option for the 
Mach-O stationary, so I can only assume I need to build a Framework. I 
haven't done this yet - can someone point me to some documentation on how 
to build extension modules for the Mach-O Python?

I can avoid the previous step if there is a standard Mac-specific module I 
can use to generate UUIDs (using the CFUUIDCreate API). Does such a beast 

Many thanks!

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