[Pythonmac-SIG] pyopengl and OS X 10.2.3

Bob Ippolito bob@redivi.com
Wed, 12 Feb 2003 12:45:26 -0500

On Wednesday, Feb 12, 2003, at 12:29 America/New_York, boyle5@llnl.gov 

> Has anyone gotten pyOpenGL to run on OS X 10.2.3 with python 2.3?
> The last posting I was able to find dated from about a year ago, and 
> that
> only reported limited success for pyOpenGl.
> I can see that glut is installed as a framework, but I am a bit hazy ( 
> OK, totally ignorant)
> of  how to use this built in capability.
> My ambition is to get pyopengl + tk(aqua) working.

I just sent a patch to pyopengl's sourceforge page yesterday that gets 
PyOpenGL working with (apple's stock) python 2.2, my patch integrates 
jack's older patch and adds some additional niceness.  In addition to 
whatever Jack fixed, my latest patch works around the glutInit problem 
where the working directory changes, the fact that OS X requires ranlib 
on static libraries (by poking inside distutils nondestructively, 
potential for 2.3 to be different about this), and also works around 
the bug in the 2.2 dynamic loader where two C extensions can't have the 
same filename (argh!) by renaming all of the __init___.so's to 
PKGNAME__init___.so.. etc, and creating __init__.py files that do "from 
PKGNAME__init__ import *" to import the shadow file and get everything 
out of it.

Presumably, it would also work with Python 2.3.

Make sure to have Swig 1.3.13 installed, the version is very 
important..  Jack figured that one out :)