[Pythonmac-SIG] Re: For your eyes only - MacPython 2.3b2 installer available

Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Wed Jul 9 12:30:17 EDT 2003

Lance E Sloan <lsloan at umich.edu> writes:

> Sorry if I'm behind the times, but this reminds me of a change I'd
> like to see in how MacPython's installed.  I'd like all the stuff
> normally installed in /usr/local to be installed in
> /usr/local/python-2.3.  And /usr/local/bin/python would be a symlink
> to /usr/local/python-2.3/bin/python.  I like to keep all the parts of
> a package together in one place.

This change doesn't really have anything to do with the Mac, and I
expect arguing for all Unix installs to go this way would be
fruitless.  Don't let that stop you, though :-)

It's not that hard to yourself, just

./configure --prefix=/usr/local/python-2.3 && make && make install

for f in /usr/local/python-2.3/bin/*; do ln -s $f /usr/local/bin; done

> This is my first time installing MacPython.  I will probably move the
> files and make the symlinks manually.

I'd recommend doing it as above; moving the files after install might
(and only might, not sure) confuse the distutils.


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