[Pythonmac-SIG] Re:Retroactively adding readline support to OS X

Winnfried Hasel haselw at mac.com
Thu Jun 26 23:06:54 EDT 2003

I followed Bob's instructions to install readline, but when I try to 
'import readline' in the interactive shell (python 2.3b1) I get this 
error message:
ImportError: Failure linking new module: /sw/lib/libreadline.4.dylib: 
dyld: python can't open library: /sw/lib/libreadline.4.dylib  (No such 
file or directory, errno = 2).

BTW the same happened, when I tried to install it via the Package 
Manager of the Python IDE.

Any ideas? I'd really love to get this history function to work.


> Von: Bob Ippolito <bob at redivi.com>
> Datum: Do, 26. Jun 2003  03:30:57 Europe/Berlin
> An: pythonmac-sig at python.org
> Betreff: [Pythonmac-SIG] Retroactively adding readline support to OS X 
> Python 2.3b1
> Almost equivalent to b.bum's readline-0.0.0 hack, this one downloads 
> readline 4.3, compiles a static libreadline.a, and link the python 2.3 
> readline.c against that.  This avoids any 
> PrivateFrameworks/readline.framework version compatibility issues 
> because it's linked to a static version of readline, so it should be 
> safe to redistribute the resultant binary so long as you comply with 
> the relevant licenses.  It should also be safe to redistribute this 
> "source" archive under the same license as Python.
> It's available at:  http://undefined.org/python/readline-0.0.1.tgz
> It should work for anyone who has Python 2.3b1 or later.  It's been 
> reported to work for Python 2.3b1 on OS X 10.2 and the Apple Python 
> provided with developer preview of Panther.
> -bob

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