[Pythonmac-SIG] bundlebuilder location in PyObjC example

chuck clark cclark at ziclix.com
Sun Nov 2 19:03:08 EST 2003

I'm just starting to work with PyObjC and I have to say I love the idea of
it so far and having a blast with what I've played with so far.

Yesterday I was working through the tutorial on the SF page.  Everything
went off without a hitch except for the location of bundlebuilder.py.
According to the tutorial it should be at $PYLIB/site-packages/PyObjC.
However on my system it is in the following directory:

I'm new to the Mac and OS X so I just completed the framework install the
other night with some help from Bob I.  What I'm wondering now is have I
messed up the install or does the tutorial need to be updated?


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