[Pythonmac-SIG] A -flat_namespace alternative for OS X 10.3

Bob Ippolito bob at redivi.com
Fri Nov 7 15:13:03 EST 2003

It just came to my attention that OS X 10.3 has made Yet Another Change 
To Dyld For The Better Thats Unfortunately Not Backwards Compatible.  I 
imagine we'll be seeing at least one of these every release, continuing 
the trend.  Personally, for 10.4, I'd like to see an equivalent to 
@executable_path for bundles, so that one may embed frameworks inside 
of a plugin bundle.. I'll probably file a radar for that one.

In the man page for ld(1) in OS X 10.3, there is the following new 
addition in the "TWO-LEVEL AND FLAT NAMESPACES" section
        When   creating  a  output  file  with  the  static  link  
editor  when
        -twolevel_namespace is in effect (now the default) all undefined 
        ences  must be satisfied at static link time.  The flags to 
allow unde-
        fined references, -Usymbol_name, -undefined warning and 
-undefined sup-
        press  can't  be  used.   When  the environment variable 
        MENT_TARGET is set to 10.3 then -undefined dynamic_lookup can  
also  be

and... in the "symbols related" part of the OPTIONS section:

        -undefined treatment
               Specifies how undefined symbols are to  be  treated.   
               can  be: error, warning, or suppress.  Which cause the 
               of undefined symbols as either, errors, warnings, or  
               the  checking  of  undefined  symbols.   The default is 
to treat
               undefined symbols as  errors.   When  the  environment  
               MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET   is   set   to  10.3  then  
               dynamic_lookup can also be used to allow any  undefined  
               to  be  looked up dynamically at runtime.  Use of a 
binary built
               with this flag requires a system with a dynamic linker 
from  Mac
               OS  X  10.3 or later.  The flag -undefined define_a_way 
can also
               be used to cause the static linker to create a  private  
               tion  for  all undefined symbols.  This flag should only 
be used
               if it is known that the undefined symbols are not 
referenced  as
               any use of them may cause a crash.

What this means to us, is that in situations where -flat_namespace 
-undefined suppress would be used, we can (instead of actually fixing 
the code) use -undefined dynamic_lookup instead if on OS X and 
MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET is set.  The primary case for this seems to be 
SWIG, which to this day still loves that stupid -flat_namespace hack.  
I will be using this for any "-flat_namespace" modules in my new 
Panther package, which includes at least PyOpenGL, M2Crypto.

I found this out because yesterday a coworker of mine pointed me to a 
Perl discussion, where (thankfully it wasn't us this time) Apple 
screwed up a Perl configuration file (aptly named Config.pm) that 
effects how Perl extensions are built.  The mixup they made was that 
they set ld to be "MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET=10.3; ld -undefined 
dynamic_lookup -bundle ... something.." instead of "env 
MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET=10.3; ld -undefined dynamic_lookup -bundle ... 
something ..." .. Oops!  :)  Unfortunately for Perl users and Apple, 
this actually prevents a bunch of the most popular Perl modules from 
building, such as the MySQL DBI bindings!  So, since I had never seen 
dynamic_lookup before, I read the man page.


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