[Pythonmac-SIG] [ann] AppScripting 0.1.0

has hengist.podd at virgin.net
Tue Nov 18 06:45:35 EST 2003

Hello all,

First release of AppScripting, a new OSA module, is available for 
your pleasure and amusement:


Unstuff the AppScripting folder and drop it into MacPython's 
site-packages folder.


- AppleScript:

    tell application "TextEdit"
       set size of character 1 of every word of text of document 1 to 24

- Python:

    import AppScripting
    textedit = AppScripting.app('/Applications/TextEdit.app')


Documentation's still to do, but you should get a decent idea of how 
it works from the bundled EXAMPLES.py file.

The front end is fairly complete, though there's still quite a bit to 
do out-back:

- 'whose' filter and '<reference> thru <reference>' range reference forms

- proper system for specifying target applications (currently 
requires full path to application and is reliant on creator codes so 
won't work with all apps, eg Address Book)

- support required suite events for non-scriptable apps (currently 
choke on apps without aetes)

- more support for OSA's plethora of weird and wonderful types

- streamline aete reader

- anything else.

Anyone wants to help out, would be appreciated.



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