[Pythonmac-SIG] WebKit, SVG

Ronald Oussoren oussoren at cistron.nl
Wed Oct 1 04:34:53 EDT 2003

On 30 sep 2003, at 9:54, Etienne Posthumus wrote:

> On dinsdag, sep 30, 2003, at 08:29 Europe/Amsterdam, Dinu Gherman  
> wrote:
>> Are there any examples (code, text) of the benefits of using
>> the WebKit?
> The 'One-line Browser' example was quite compelling for me...
> self.webView.mainFrame().loadRequest_(NSURLRequest.requestWithURL_(NSUR 
> L.URLWithString_(self.urlText.stringValue())))
> Can anyone tell me how to get WebKit (the Python part) installed on a  
> MacPython + PyObjC that was installed via Package Manager? From  
> reading the list archives it seems you need to install the WebKit SDK  
> and then compile PyObjC from source to have it included.
> But is there an alternative to get WebKit if you don't want to  
> re-compile from source?

You could use an installer package and python2.2 ;-). The only  
alternatives to get WebKit with PackMan are (1) find someone who  
already has WebKit and ask them to send you the WebKit module (the  
directory ..../site-packages/PyObjC/WebKit) and (2) pester the PackMan  
maintainer (aka Jack) to install the WebKit SDK on the machine he uses  
to build the binary packages.

I'm (slowly) finishing up a 1.0 release of PyObjC, and might include a  
PackMan receipe with that release.


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