[Pythonmac-SIG] Package Manager idea, adding a URL scheme

Jack Jansen Jack.Jansen at cwi.nl
Fri Oct 3 04:35:29 EDT 2003

On Friday, October 3, 2003, at 12:37 AM, Bob Ippolito wrote:

> On Thursday, Oct 2, 2003, at 17:48 America/New_York, Jack Jansen wrote:
>> On 1-okt-03, at 21:11, Ronald Oussoren wrote:
>>> Another idea: Add a function of comparing versions to pimp.
>> The intention was that there was going to be a default version check 
>> that worked
>> exactly this way. This should be done for the next version. The 
>> default
>> version check should probably first use a verbatim string equality 
>> check, if that
>> fails get '[0-9.]*' from both versions and compare those for less and 
>> greater,
>> and if those are identical but the rest of the version strings differ 
>> give up.
> I suppose I'll go ahead and start working on the next version of 
> pimp/packman, since I'm maintaining the larger database and you don't 
> seem to have a lot of time on your hands.

No, I think we should start with a PEP now. Something like PackMan 
in future be a main component of the Python infrastructure for package
deployment (the other two components are distutils and pypi), and it 
be able to do different things for different people.

Note that there are various classes of applications that aren't handled 
all by PackMan currently, but probably should. Two I can come up with 
- administrators who want to setup Python with a standard set of 
   modules on a large number of lab systems (think classrooms and such).
- people doing turnkey solutions based on Python, with a formal 
   testing and staging procedure.
There's undoubtedly many more scenarios.

At this point in time we have a strawman implementation that has proven 
work fairly well in a limited field of application, but now I think we 
take a step back and write up on what we would like the real thing to 
Then other people can comment on it, and we'll end up with a design that
should last us for quite some time.

If we just start hacking in pet features now it'll get more and more
difficult to replace packman with something better in the future.
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