[Pythonmac-SIG] Package Manager idea, adding a URL scheme

Just van Rossum just at letterror.com
Fri Oct 3 05:15:55 EDT 2003

> > I don't think PackMan needs to be extensible to such an extent. Am
> > I right that the current Python snippets only do version checks?
> > Receipts would work just as well, provided we limit version
> > checking to packages installed through PackMan. I think that's a
> > reasonable constraint.

> No, receipts are specifically what I *don't* want. I want PackMan to
> do actual tests of what is available.

Apart from availability/version tests, we're going to _need_ receipts if
we want to support uninstalls.

> The problem with receipts is that it causes a package manager to live
> in a completely self-centered world: it knows about everything it
> installed itself and nothing else. This means that if I'm an active
> developer on package X I always have to go out of my way, because the
> package manager doesn't know that I've built and installed it myself.

I don't follow: if you're building/installing package X yourself, why
would you then want to use PackMan for package X also? I see it pretty
much as an either/or situation.

PackMan could still detect the availability of package X, and warn the
user that it wasn't installed by PackMan itself, and therefore can't
tell which version it is. With imp.find_module() this can even be done
without doing an actual import -- which touches on another pet peeve of
mine, see below.

> I've come across this problem with Fink, SGI-inst and various other
> install managers. I want to build and install Python myself, and if
> someone reports a problem with package Y that depends on Python I
> want to use Fink to install Y, but let Y use my copy of Python (so I
> can test whether the bug has disappeared with my fix, let's assume
> for the discussion). This always turns out to be difficult without
> learning the internals of the package manager in question.

Hm, this sounds like a reason to clearly document what PackMan does and
how it works. And to keep it dead simple.

PackMan is for end users. A certain amount of complexity for
_developers_ seems pretty much unavoidable, and would be totally
acceptable to me.

I strongly feel that executing arbitrary code (even from a trusted
source) is a big nono. I already have problems with doing arbitrary
imports: we've seen that this can cause problems for packages/modules
that have import side effects (not that _that's_ a good thing, but it
isn't under our control). But we've had this discussion before, and I
don't think we're likely to agree here...


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