[Pythonmac-SIG] [ANN] New PPlot release with python/ruby wrapping

Drew McCormack drewmccormack at mac.com
Sun Oct 5 03:42:06 EDT 2003

A new release of the plotting framework PPlot has just been made  
(http://pplot.sourceforge.net/). This release includes python and ruby  
wrapping code, so that you can create plots with scripts embedded in  
your applications. There is a simple Cocoa application example given  
that allows you to display plots by entering python scripts into a text  

PPlot is a lightweight framework written in C++, and designed to be  
platform and API independent. You can build using Qt or Cocoa for the  
Mac. The Cocoa version uses Cocoa native drawing, so you get all the  
benefits of Quartz.

You can use C++ or Obj-C++ to create plots, of course, but if you use a  
bridge like PyObjC (http://pyobjc.sourceforge.net/) or RubyCocoa  
(http://www.imasy.or.jp/~hisa/mac/rubycocoa/index.en.html), you can now  
program directly in Python or Ruby in your Cocoa apps. Even without  
these bridges, you can run python and ruby scripts to generate plots  
from within a Cocoa app.


Drew McCormack

Dr. Drew McCormack
Trade Strategist (www.trade-strategist.com)
Stock Market strategy design platform for Mac OS X.

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