[Pythonmac-SIG] python module module installation

Kim Branson kim.branson at csiro.au
Wed Oct 8 08:39:59 EDT 2003

Hi all,

i'm new to python, and in the process of turning alot of perl into 
python...its scientific code and the fact that only i understand it ( 
given time to remember) and i have some new students has lead to the 
decision to convert to python. I tend to run this on a linux cluster 
but i want to do the dev work on my powerbook. I've got the mac python 
build 2.3, and python 2.2 (fink install or sys?) as well.  i managed to 
get numeric python from the package manager and pulled down the 
scientific python modules

is there any issue in using the mac python port of python2.3 vs the 
fink install? i assume there will be no differences assuming all 
modules i use are present on my target nodes.

doing python2.3 setup.py install seemed to put it in the  right place. 
( even though its not in the package tree) Theres some stats stuff i'd 
like. except all i have are 3 files that are  stats.py , io.py and 
pstat.py. Where should they go, can i put them in the same place? in 
the top level or do they need a sub directory to go in ?

sorry for the dumb question...



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