[Pythonmac-SIG] problem importing OpenGL.Tk

Andrew Straw astraw at insightscientific.com
Mon Oct 13 19:24:15 EDT 2003

Bob Ippolito wrote:

> On Monday, Oct 13, 2003, at 11:22 America/New_York, 
> bweiland at chisystems.com wrote:
>>     According to Bob Ippolito:
>>> Unfortunately, you're out of luck.  Togl has not been ported to OS X
>>> yet, at least not for AquaTk.  I just took a look at Togl and it seems
>>> nontrivial to compile for OS X (at least a few hours).  Your best bet
>>> is to get rid of your dependency on Tk altogether and switch to
>>> something like wxPython, pygame, GLUT, PyObjC + Cocoa, etc. for your
>>> GUI.
>>     Oddly enough, I was just going thru this same ordeal myself.  Tk, if
>> Togl worked, would probably still be the best option for portable python
>> GUI's that need OpenGL stuff, IMHO.  Here's why I think so (and not 
>> trying
>> to start a flame war):
>>     - tried wxPython - had weird problems with low framerate and flicker
>> compared to just drawing in a GLUT window (maybe this was just me?);
>> besides, I like Tk better for a quick hacked-together interface;
>>     - pygame - would be good, but pyui doesn't seem to be working yet
>> for GUI elements on OS X;
>>     - GLUT - not really enough GUI;
>>     - PyObjC - not portable, but otherwise nice;
>>     - also, PyQt would be great, but the license is restrictive (it
>> precludes portability to Windows if you're using the GPL'ed version; 
>> it's
>> expensive otherwise).
>>     Enough complaining --  I looked at trying to port it, but it seemed
>> like a lot of time I can't spend right now (since I really don't 
>> understand
>> how the whole Tk side of things is put together).  If anyone can provide
>> some pointers  that could shorten the time, I might try.  If anyone is
>> inclined to do the port, there are at least two users who would want 
>> it ;)
> I'll take a closer look at it later this week if I find the time.
> -bob

Recently, the maintainer of PyOpenGL has indicated that he's dropping 
Togl support (for Windows?) in the next release due to high maintenance 
requirements and limited usage.  Not to discourage you from working on 
Togl, but I therefore think Tk may not be your best long-term 
cross-platform solution for OpenGL + GUI unless someone is willing to 
take over python/togl maintenance in general (and on the Mac in specific).

I'm surprised you haven't had good luck with wx. Did you spend long 
trying to get it to work? How does the wxGLCanvas demo work for you?

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