[Pythonmac-SIG] problem importing OpenGL.Tk

bweiland at chisystems.com bweiland at chisystems.com
Tue Oct 14 16:04:36 EDT 2003

	Responding to two messages (from Andrew and Bob):

	Andrew Straw wrote:

	> Recently, the maintainer of PyOpenGL has indicated that he's
	> Togl support (for Windows?) in the next release due to high
	> requirements and limited usage.  Not to discourage you from
working on 
	> Togl, but I therefore think Tk may not be your best long-term 
	> cross-platform solution for OpenGL + GUI unless someone is willing
	> take over python/togl maintenance in general (and on the Mac in
	> I'm surprised you haven't had good luck with wx. Did you spend
	> trying to get it to work? How does the wxGLCanvas demo work for

	I'm going to do a bit more investigation; currently the wxGLCanvas
demo doesn't work at all - it may be an installation problem.  And no, I
didn't spend much time on wx; it seemed strange that a wx-based demo (from
OpenGLContext, IIRC) worked poorly (but ran), when a GLUT-based version of
the same just flew on my 550Mhz, Radeon, OS X 10.2 Powerbook.  

	Bob Ippolito, thanks for posting the Makefile and other info.  It
doesn't sound promising if Togl is being dropped elsewhere, though.  

	Bill Weiland

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