[Pythonmac-SIG] NSTableView and NSOutlineView backgrounds

Jack Jansen Jack.Jansen at cwi.nl
Wed Oct 15 09:06:47 EDT 2003

On Wednesday, October 15, 2003, at 12:35 PM, Ronald Oussoren wrote:

>> I've been thinking about it. And the nice thing is that "[" cannot 
>> currently
>> occur as the start symbol for an expression, and I think a NAME after 
>> an
>> expression is also safe, so adding rules like
>> 	atom: '[' test methodarg* ']'
>> 	methodarg: NAME ':' test
>> should work...
> I'm probably very dense, but isn't '[' the start of a list literal or 
> list comprehension and therefore a valid start of an expression or 
> statement?.

No, it is *me* who is dense. Jack: open mouth, insert foot:-)
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