[Pythonmac-SIG] What's MacPython missing?

Ronald Oussoren oussoren at cistron.nl
Wed Oct 15 15:12:55 EDT 2003

On 15 okt 2003, at 19:32, Bob Ippolito wrote:

> I'm interested to know what people here would like to see for 
> MacPython.
> 	Which modules from other platforms would you really like to see?

Twisted? ;-)

> 	Which Apple APIs/Frameworks would you like to use but aren't wrapped 
> or aren't wrapped satisfactorily?
The API for detecting location changes. The exact API slips my mind at 
the moment, but I've used the corresponding command-line tool to change 
parts of the system configuration when moving between home and the 
office. That script didn't survive, but I'd like to reintroduce 
something like that (if only to turn of fetching mail in Mail.app when 
I'm at a location where I cannot access the internet).

> 	A better PackageManager / distutils
And a nicer IDE.

> 	A relatively bug free version of wxPython that's not noticeably slow 
> ;)

I'm having problems even compiling wxMac at the moment (using GCC 3.3 
on Panther). That's a little bit annoying because one of my collegues 
uses wxPython.

> 	Would be nice of Apple open sourced the SWIG wrapper for CoreGraphics 
> they wrote (included with vendor installed Python in MacOS X 10.3), 
> the bgen wrapper is missing a LOT of useful stuff from there.

Fixing the bgen wrappers might be more usefull.


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