[Pythonmac-SIG] What's MacPython missing?

helloleo helloleo at netspace.net.au
Wed Oct 15 22:14:11 EDT 2003

hi there

i don't know weather it's yet part of macpython or not, but i'd like to do
automation of iTunes and iPhoto with python. maybe there's out there
something like a wrapper object or so...

cheers, leo

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Subject: [Pythonmac-SIG] What's MacPython missing?

> I'm interested to know what people here would like to see for MacPython.
> Which modules from other platforms would you really like to see?
> Which Apple APIs/Frameworks would you like to use but aren't wrapped
> or aren't wrapped satisfactorily?
> What documentation do you think needs to be written/improved
> (specifically)?
> These are a few of the things I'm interested in:
> Easy to use ARB_VERTEX_PROGRAM support for PyOpenGL (something like a
> hybrid of ShaderBuilder and DrawBot)
> A numarray-esque syntax -> ARB_VERTEX_PROGRAM compiler (Cg *still*
> isn't available for the Mac, and ATI's RenderMonkey is DirectX)
> An optimized PPC backend for Psyco (I'm kind of working on this on and
> off.. at the PPC ASM compiler/decompiler stage)
> Better CoreAudio/AudioUnits support, here are some interesting
> projects I've seen:
> http://arrowtheory.com/software/hypersonic/index.html
> http://www.icculus.org/al_osx/ (Highly optimized partial OpenAL
> implementation)
> http://www.stolk.info/alpy/ (this is a GPL binding for OpenAL..
> probably a poor license choice)
> Better use of AltiVec in numarray (especially vec_perm stuff.. very
> useful for byteswapped arrays and converting bitmaps)
> Some crazy bridge that lets you write Contextual Menu PlugIns in
> Python (eww, COM.. this might be a job for ctypes and an embedded
> Python?)
> A better PackageManager / distutils
> Fully functional SciPy / VTK / MayaVi
> PyQt for Qt/Mac
> A relatively bug free version of wxPython that's not noticeably slow ;)
> Stackless on Python 2.3 (I know, this doesn't really have anything to
> do specifically with MacPython, but it would be more useful to us if it
> was on the Python 2.3 codebase)
> A version of PIL (or something like it) that's updated for Python 2.2+
> features and uses a more sensible storage mechanism (i.e. something
> that isn't hardcoded to do RGB/RGBX/RGBA only).  I think leveraging the
> SDL libraries would be good for this, as they can deal with all kinds
> of bitmaps (arbitrary bit shifts for channels).  I'd like to see the
> storage used actually be addressable directly as a numarray (pygame
> sort of does this, but not quite adequately).
> Would be nice of Apple open sourced the SWIG wrapper for CoreGraphics
> they wrote (included with vendor installed Python in MacOS X 10.3), the
> bgen wrapper is missing a LOT of useful stuff from there.
> A smarter version of bgen or something bgen-like that was more generic
> about the kind of C it could understand, and more modern about the
> wrappers it spit out (keyword arguments, new style types with
> initializers, etc).  Potentially it could even preserve documentation
> from the original code, it would be relatively straightforward to do
> that with most (new?) Apple headers.  Maybe even a version that spit
> out ctypes wrappers instead.
> -bob
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