[Pythonmac-SIG] A very helpful page on Python, gnuplot, and Aquaterm

Drew McCormack drewmccormack at mac.com
Sat Oct 18 04:06:01 EDT 2003

On Saturday, October 18, 2003, at 01:59 AM, Lance Boyle wrote:

> I found this page
>     http://www.physics.ucf.edu/~mdj/MacPython.html
> called "MacPython and Gnuplot in MacOS X" to be very useful in getting 
> the popular gnuplot with the gnuplot.py bindings to run.
> The same site also has a page called "Minimal Python for Scientific 
> Computing" at
>     http://www.physics.ucf.edu/~mdj/MinimalPython.html
> which appears to be also very useful as a quick-and-dirty introduction.
> Jerry
On this topic, can anyone recommend a plotting library for use on the 
Mac with python. I have seen the list on the python.org, but there are 
a lot there, and I would rather not have to try each one individually. 
My requirements are:

- Publication quality
- Must be able to do contour plots
- Preferably a nice python object-based interface


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