[Pythonmac-SIG] [Newbie question]MacPython and wxPython

Jack Jansen Jack.Jansen at cwi.nl
Sat Oct 18 18:19:47 EDT 2003

On 18-okt-03, at 17:35, Mactov wrote:

> I just have downloaded and installed MacPython and wxPython and I can 
> not launch my tut apps from the IDE (it even breaks). The only way for 
> me to run my script is launching it from the command line. Can someone 
> tell me where the "environment variables" to change are so that it 
> works?

I think you cannot run wxPython scripts from the IDE. I'm not sure 
(Just? Robin?), but the IDE is Carbon-based, and mixing two GUI 
toolkits is usually not going to work.

But: double-clicking your scripts from the Finder should work. This 
will launch them with PythonLauncher, which will in turn run them with 
"pythonw". By default this is done in a Terminal window, so you can see 
stdout and stderr, but you can change this behavior through 
PythonLauncher preferences or option-double-clicking the script. And 
there are two sets of preferences for ".py" scripts and ".pyw" scripts, 
so you could use ".pyw" for production scripts and set the 
PythonLauncher prefs to not show a terminal window for those.

And there should have been a way to get the same behavior with the IDE, 
but unfortunately it seems to lead to a crash:-(
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