[Pythonmac-SIG] How to import libraries on Mac OS X?

Eric Wichterich eric.wichterich at gmx.de
Mon Oct 27 09:44:10 EST 2003

Hello Brian,

thank you for your hint. Printing sys.path gives:



Am Freitag, 24.10.03 um 19:56 Uhr schrieb Brian Lenihan:

> On Oct 24, 2003, at 8:34 AM, Eric Wichterich wrote:
>> Thank you Ronald,
>> I figured out that there is a problem with Apache and CGI, not with  
>> importing the library anymore. There is something Apache doesn't  
>> like. I only get the two different errors: Malformed header - or -  
>> premature end of file. These scripts work fine on a linux server with  
>> Apache...
> You may be running into a situation which causes the wrong python libs  
> to get loaded.  You can test this by writing a simple cgi that imports  
> sys and prints sys.path.  On OS X, the full path to the executable in  
> #!  is not available to sys.argv which causes a lot of grief when  
> python loads whatever if finds first in your PATH like /usr/bin  
> instead of /usr/local/bin.
> The solution is to add a SetEnv directive for PYTHONPATH with the  
> correct paths.

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