[Pythonmac-SIG] python 2.0

Yves Serrano yserrano at cdr.ethz.ch
Tue Oct 28 11:03:11 EST 2003


I know that python 2.0 is very old....
Blender is open source and they are working on a new gameEngine. The 
new Blender 2..28 has a more recent python version. But for now you 
must use blender 2.25 and python 2.0 if you want to use the gameEngine.

I need it now....
I'm working with blender on linux, where it wasn't a problem to compile 
python 2.0 on a recent gentoo linux version. For a demonstration I want 
to present it on my powerbook.
I will try the patch from the bsd port collection and your tips.

look for python-2.0.1_2

thanks for your help....


>>> Hi
>>> I'm new on this mailing list :-)
>>> I work with python on mac os x.
>>> For blender 2.25 (3D program, http://www.blender.org) I need python 
>>> 2.0 support on os x.
>>> Does anybody of you have a bin python 2.0 os x package? All I found 
>>> is python21. The GameEngine in Blender 2.25 only works with 
>>> python2.0.
>>> The compilation from source failed:
>>> libtool -o libpython2.0.dylib -dynamic  libpython2.0.a -framework 
>>> System -lcc_dynamic -arch_only ppc -U _environ
>>> ld: can't use -U flags when -twolevel_namespace is in effect
>>> libtool: internal link edit command failed
>>> make[1]: *** [libpython2.0.dylib] Error 1
>>> make: *** [python] Error 2
>> Phew, 2.0 is really old, the last time that code was compiled was 
>> probably under OSX 10.0,
>> maybe even Public Beta...
>> What you could try is add -flat_namespace to the linker flags. I 
>> don't remember
>> exactly where to set it for 2.0, but if you find the spot where the
>> "-U _environ" is set that would be a good place to try it.
>> Hmm, but I'm not sure whether that is enough, I seem to remember there
>> was magic for linking the main application too.
>> A wholly different idea: could you install MacOSX 10.1 plus the
>> accompanying developer tools on a spare partition? I think there's a
>> reasonable chance that 10.1 will be able to build Python 2.0 out of 
>> the
>> box.
> The right solution, of course, is to just fix blender.  Is that part 
> of blender open source yet?  I can't imagine that too much of it could 
> depend on that particular version of Python.
> -bob

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