[Pythonmac-SIG] Re: PYTHONPATH on OS X

Louis M. Pecora pecora at anvil.nrl.navy.mil
Wed Oct 29 14:46:25 EST 2003

>Hi Louis-
>I saw your MacPy post and thought I'd point out this URL.  I have a
>similar problem and just came across this via the Dr. Dobb's Python-URL
>for this week:
>Hope it helps.  If you are just using Python in a terminal window,
>the usual unix approach of defining PYTHONPATH in your .cshrc works.
>But for Python launched from the Finder, you have to play other games.

Thanks, Tom.  Much appreciated.  I am using the IDE launched from the 
Finder so I had to (1) Create the directory .MacOSX, (2) Create the 
file Environment.plist, (3) Edit that file with the plist editor from 
the Apple development tools and add the PYTHONPATH variable with 
multiple paths defined and separated by colons.  Careful if you do it 
this way since 'option' characters are not treated well, i.e. 
apparently not recognized in the actual file path.  There's probably 
a work-around for the latter.  Now that I have the Environment.plist 
I can actually use BBEdit to change it by choosing Open Hidden in the 
File menu.  Creating the file from scratch would be tough since it's 
an XML file -- about which I know nuthin'.  But easy to change once 
you see the layout.  Jack Jensen has been looking for suggestions for 
a better way to do this.  I thought about writing a Python script to 
do it, but time may not let me get to that right away.

>Thanks for the pointer to Bob's packaging of Piddle.  I've been
>looking for simple plotting with Python on OS X for the last few
>days; Bob must have added this since I last checked his site.

Yeah, Piddle is a neat little package.  Easy to build up your own 
plotting functions from some simple Piddle calls.  I'm very happy 
someone is keeping it current.



Lou Pecora

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