[Pythonmac-SIG] upgrading to OS 10.3

fat man thefattestmanintheworld at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 30 13:04:13 EST 2003

I'm a new mac user and currently have python installed
on my OS 10.2 machine. I will soon be upgrading to
10.3 and was wondering if i might run into any
problems upgrading (as 10.3 'includes' most of
python). would it be necessary/best to remove python
before upgrading? if so, how would i go about doing
this (like i said i'm new to macs, i apologize if this
is a rather novice question). would dragging the
python folder to the trash be sufficient or does the
installation of python on 10.2 change system files.
thanks for any and all help on the issue.

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