[Pythonmac-SIG] Apple Events, Carbon, and OS X

Akhar akhar at gmx.net
Tue Sep 9 01:25:31 EDT 2003


I have been reading through about 2 years worth of the archives, in 
search of tips/tutorials on how to use python to script OS X apps. Now 
I have found alot of:
import App
d = App.App()
do stuff with d
etc ...

but for some reason these do not work. I use both the pre-installed 
python and MacPython from VisionEgg, on OS X.2.6 . Also I cannot seem 
to find any info on Carbon libs, from what I gather from there names, I 
should be able to create GUI apps but right now I am just coding blind 
with dir().

Tutorials on a web page would greatly be apreciated by many others I am 



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