[Pythonmac-SIG] PyOpenGL, MacOSX 10.3, python2.3 and aqua, problem with Line demo.

Alexandre Gillet gillet at scripps.edu
Tue Feb 3 13:47:31 EST 2004

I am trying to run the demo/tom/Line.py which use Togl on a Mac G5 with
a ATI card.
I compile a version of Togl that run with Aqua.
I install a binary distribtuion of PyOpenGL, Tkinter for python2.3

When I run the demo, I see a 400*400 widows open with a little black
windows which seems to be the opengl context. If I resize my frame to be
the same size of the black square I can see the line.
  But then if I try to scale the windows, the OpenGL context don't get
It's seems that the glViewport don't get update correctly.

Anyone has seen that problem? Has anyone be able to run the PyOpenGL 
Demo using Togl on MacOSX 10.3 using aqua and not a Xserver?

ps: I already send the message to PyOpenGL list and did not get any answer.

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