[Pythonmac-SIG] Problem with tkaqua Tkinter and some Kanji unicode values.

Read Roberts rroberts at adobe.com
Wed Nov 17 06:29:12 CET 2004

Has any one else seen the following?

Mac OSX 10.3.6, standard Python from 10.3.4 installation + tkAqua 
Tkinter.tkinter.TK_VERSION is '8.4'

I set a unicode string into a tKinter widget. Some kanji display 
correctly, some do no. The ones that don't show up as a white square 
followed by a black square. Both the Unicode values for the kanji 
that work and the ones that don't are present in the font used by the 
widget. Example:

from Tkinter import *
from tkFont import Font as TKFont
root = Tk()
root.font = TKFont(root, font = 
(u'\u30d2\u30e9\u30ae\u30ce\u89d2\u30b4 Pro W3', 12))
print root.font.actual()
myFrame = Frame(root)
root.resizable(1, 1)
myEntry = Entry(myFrame, borderwidth = 10, font=root.font)
testString = u"\u8146, \u500e, \u440c"
myEntry.insert(0, testString)
print repr(myEntry.get())

The font is used in this example is Hiragino Kaku Gothic-W3. 
FontBook shows that it has glyphs for all three Unicode values in the 
test string.  u8146 shows up correctly, the others do not.  Works 
fine on Windows.

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