[Pythonmac-SIG] Python IDE 2.3.2 problems

Jack Jansen Jack.Jansen at cwi.nl
Thu Nov 18 22:24:07 CET 2004

On 18-nov-04, at 15:24, Feat wrote:

> 1. Even the simplest code won't work in the IDE if I don't check the 
> "Run as __main__" option, else it wouldn't find the interpreter, 
> displaying an alert: "can't find command line Python", although 
> there's a "Python interactive" window that behaves as expected. How do 
> I patch the program so it searches /usr/local/bin/ to find either the 
> python interpreter -- or the pythonw interpreter, which I actually 
> want to use?

This I don't understand. If you don't check the "Run with commandline 
Python" it should run in the IDE internally.

> 2. When I need to run a program that should use the "Tkinter" module 
> (I'm running Tickle 8.4.4) I can only briefly see the widgets I've 
> created -- then the IDE, and my application as well, vanish, quit with 
> no alert, no warning, no nothing... However, when I use the Python 
> Launcher (v2.3 by Jack Jansen) to launch that very same program, 
> everything works okay. What's wrong with my installation?

This is an intrinsic shortcoming of the IDE. Or, actually, it's a fact 
of life the IDE cannot hide from you. You cannot mix two GUI toolkits 
in one application, and the IDE uses Carbon, so you cannot use it to 
run Tkinter programs (or wxPython programs, Cocoa programs, etc). 
Incidentally, this is in the FAQ, along with lots of other often-asked 
questions. You'll find it through the homepage.

You could try using Idle for your development.

> 3. A quick search for Tkinter will yield:

Bob answered the first half of the question (uninstall your old Jaguar 
Python). And then to install a fresh copy of _tkinter.so use the 
Package Manager.
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