[Pythonmac-SIG] Python IDE 2.3.2 problems

glenn andreas gandreas at gandreas.com
Fri Nov 19 00:47:22 CET 2004

At 12:13 AM +0100 11/19/04, Jack Jansen wrote:
>On 18-nov-04, at 22:28, Just van Rossum wrote:
>>>>2. When I need to run a program that should use the "Tkinter"
>>>>module (I'm running Tickle 8.4.4) I can only briefly see the
>>>>widgets I've created -- then the IDE, and my application as well,
>>>>vanish, quit with no alert, no warning, no nothing... However, when
>>>>I use the Python Launcher (v2.3 by Jack Jansen) to launch that very
>>>>same program, everything works okay. What's wrong with my
>>>This is an intrinsic shortcoming of the IDE.
>>Actually, I would think that the "Run with commandline Python" option
>>was designed to work around that shortcoming...
>Indeed (was it you or me who put it in?:-), but you lose debugging and
>introspection, so you're really only able to use the editor portion 
>of the IDE.
>If I understand things correctly Idle has solved this issue, and allows
>you to run your program in a different process than the IDE but still
>allowing you to debug. At some point we should probably steal this code.

PyOXIDE supports this (debugging & introspection of "external" 
processes), using a scheme that looks much like Distributed Objects. 
It also doesn't use threads or anything funky (yet), though requires 
explicit handling on the external side (there's a debugging stub that 
does this when you launch as "remote" under PyOXIDE).

The goal was to be able to add that "nub" to an app that embedded 
python (say, a MMRPG that used Python as a scripting language) and 
then one can debug from PyOXIDE, though saddly that will require 
redoing stuff in PyOXIDE to use threads in strange and fearful ways...

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