[Pythonmac-SIG] Python IDE 2.3.2 problems

Feat jf at ai.univ-paris8.fr
Fri Nov 19 13:00:09 CET 2004

>> 1. Even the simplest code won't work in the IDE if I don't check the "Run as __main__" option, else it wouldn't find the interpreter.

>This I don't understand. If you don't check the "Run with commandline Python" it should run in the IDE internally.

You're right, I've been too far; it only happened once.

>> 2. When I need to run a program that should use the "Tkinter" module (I'm running Tickle 8.4.4) I can only briefly see the widgets I've created...

>You cannot mix two GUI toolkits in one application, and the IDE uses Carbon, so you cannot use it to run Tkinter programs (or wxPython programs, Cocoa programs, etc). Incidentally, this is in the FAQ, along with lots of other often-asked questions. You'll find it through the homepage.

I didn't know there was one, sorry...

>You could try using Idle for your development.

Thanks for the advice!

>> 3. A quick search for Tkinter will yield:

>Bob answered the first half of the question (uninstall your old Jaguar Python). And then to install a fresh copy of _tkinter.so use the Package Manager.

I'll do that, thanks a lot for your patience!

Jym Feat
Paris FR 75018

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