FW: [Pythonmac-SIG] Py2app working with PyQt, PyOpenGL applications?

Huaicai Mo huaicai at nanorex.com
Fri Nov 19 20:05:35 CET 2004

Thank you very much for the reply. As you suggested, I tried "--packages
OpenGL", which will solve the OpenGL version problem, but I still got the
error: "QPaintDevice: Must construct a Qapplication before a QPaintDevice." 
I don't think it's any problem of my scripts, it works without any problem
if I start it manually in a shell window, and the same program works on
Linux and Windows too. I suspect the problem is  the way how py2app deals
with PyQt/Qt modules.  I noticed in the result package, it includes qt.so,
qtgl.so, sip.so in the lib-dynload directory, and qt.pyc, qtgl.pyc, sip.pyc
in the site-packages.zip file, but no where I can find anything about
libqt.3.dylib and libqui.1.dylib in the package, I guess they are Qt
libraries, which are needed to run my program.
In the package that I created on Windows using py2exe,  similar files exist:
*.pyc in a zip file, and  corresponding *.dll files outside, but there is
one more dll file called:  qt-mt333.dll, the Qt library file on Windows.  I
tried to copy those *.dylib files into the lib-dyload directory, but no
success.  I wonder if you have any work around for this problem at present?
Thanks a lot,

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On Nov 19, 2004, at 5:56 PM, Huaicai Mo wrote:

I am trying to use py2app to build an application bundle distribution on Mac
OS X. I got some problems, I wonder if any one has similar experiences or
any ideas for these?

My Mac OS X is 10.2.8. I built py2app from source, since the py2app-0.1.5
installation package needs 10.3 installer. My software uses PyQt, PyOpenGL
packages. Same as py2exe, py2app can't find the "sip" module, which is used
by PyQt,  so I add the option: "--includes sip", this works fine, but the
problem is when I run the application, I got an error:

The next version of py2app will include workarounds for PyQt and PyOpenGL,
assuming that an easy-ish to install version of PyQt is available by the
time I do it. I'll probably release a new version of py2app in two or three
weeks. Until then, PyQt is completely untested and I can't really help you
with anything PyQt specific.

IOError: [Errno20] Not a directory:

I tried to add the file 'version' from OpenGL directory to site-packages.zip
and extract the zip file into a directory called site-packages.zip, the
above error disappeared, but I got an new error:

Don't do that.

QPaintDevice: Must construct a Qapplication before a QPaintDevice.  My
application works fine and doesn't have such errors if I just start it from
a shell window like: pythonw ../myapp.py.

This sounds like an error in your script or something, I can't help you with
that. Maybe using --packages for sip and PyQt (whatever the package names
are called) will fix this? I haven't looked at PyQt in quite some time and
have no idea what nasty hacks it uses.

I also tried  "--excludes OpenGL" module and then manually copy the OpenGL
directory  from Python.frameworks to "site-pakcages.zip" and "lib-dynload"
directories, the trick that I used for py2exe on Windows, but it seems this
is not

Either hack the OpenGL __init__ to use a sane method to acquire its version,
or use --packages OpenGL to include the package as-is (out of the zip)

working here: " Fatal Python error: Interpreter not initialized (Version
mismatch?) "

This is because Python itself is included in your application, but the
OpenGL extension links directly to your
/LIbrary/Frameworks/Python.framework. It explodes because once you load that
extension, you have *TWO* Python libraries in your process. When using
py2app correctly (i.e. not hacking around the application bundles on your
own!) it will automatically take care of this for you by rewriting the
Mach-O load commands to point to your in-bundle Python.


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