[Pythonmac-SIG] Error message: no module named PyShell

Opstad, Dave Dave.Opstad at monotypeimaging.com
Tue Nov 23 00:32:42 CET 2004

Hi, all. I just did a clean install of 10.3.6 on an erased disk, and then
XCode 1.5, and then the MacPython-Panther-2.3-2 installer. All the
installers ran fine, but when I try to double-click the newly installed IDLE
nothing happens, and the Console logs the error message "no module named

Since this was a clean install there are no older installations here. What
do I need to do? I've restarted but that didn't help, and there wasn't
anything in the MacPython wiki with the word "PyShell".

Thanks for any help!
Dave Opstad

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